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Capital Cheyenne
Area 97,809 sq mi
253,326 sq km
(2000 census) 493,782
Major Cities
(2000 census) Cheyenne (53,011), Casper (49,644),
Laramie (27,204), Gillette (19,646),
Rock Springs (18,708)
Major Rivers North Platte, Bighorn, Green, Powder, Snake, Yellowstone
Highest Point Gannett Peak
13,804 feet
4,207 meters
Industry mining, chemicals, lumber and wood products, printing and publishing, machinery, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, sugar beets, sheep, hay, wheat
Minerals and Resources petroleum, coal, natural gas, soda ash, clays, helium, gypsum, portland cement, crushed stone


Capital Madison
Area 56,153 sq mi
145,436 sq km
(2000 census) 5,363,675
Major Cities
(2000 census) Milwaukee (596,974), Madison (208,054),
Green Bay (102,313), Kenosha (90,352),
Racine (81,855)
Major Rivers Mississippi, Wisconsin, St. Croix, Chippewa, Rock, Fox
Highest Point Timms Hill
1,951 feet
595 meters
Industry machinery, food processing, paper products, electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, tourism
Agriculture dairy products, beef cattle, hogs, vegetables, corn, cranberries
Minerals and Resources crushed stone, construction and industrial sand and gravel, lime

West Virginia

Capital Charleston
Area 24,231 sq mi
62,758 sq km
(2000 census) 1,808,344
Major Cities
(2000 census) Charleston (53,421), Huntington (51,475),
Parkersburg (33,099), Wheeling (31,419),
Morgantown (26,809)
Major Rivers Ohio, Potomac, Kanawha, New, Monongahela
Highest Point Spruce Knob
4,861 feet
1,482 meters
Industry chemicals, mining, primary metals, stone, clay, and glass products, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, dairy products, poultry, apples
Minerals and Resources coal, natural gas, crushed stone, portland cement, salt


Capital Olympia
Area 68,138 sq mi
176,477 sq km
(2000 census) 5,894,121
Major Cities
(2000 census) Seattle (563,374), Spokane (195,629),
Tacoma (193,556), Vancouver (143,560),
Bellevue (109,569)
Major Rivers Columbia, Snake, Yakima, Okanogan, Spokane
Highest Point Mt. Rainier
14,410 feet
4,392 meters
Industry aerospace, food processing, paper products, lumber and wood products, chemicals, tourism
Agriculture seafood, dairy products, apples, beef cattle, wheat, potatoes, greenhouse and nursery products
Minerals and Resources forests, fishing, coal, construction sand and gravel, crushed stone, magnesium metal


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Capital Richmond
Area 40,767 sq mi
105,586 sq km
(2000 census) 7,078,515
Major Cities
(2000 census) Virginia Beach (425,257), Norfolk (234,403),
Chesapeake (199,184), Richmond (197,790),
Newport News (180,150)
Major Rivers Potomac, Rappahannock, James, York, Roanoke
Highest Point Mt. Rogers
5,729 feet
1,746 meters
Industry transportation equipment, textiles, food processing, printing, electrical equipment, chemicals, tobacco products
Agriculture beef cattle, poultry, dairy products, tobacco, hogs, soybeans
Minerals and Resources coal, crushed stone, lime, construction sand and gravel


Capital Montpelier
Area 9,614 sq mi
24,900 sq km
(2000 census) 608,827
Major Cities
(2000 census) Burlington (38,889), Rutland (17,292),
South Burlington (15,814), Barre (9,291),
Essex Junction (8,591)
Major Rivers Connecticut, Otter Creek, Missisquoi, Lamoille, Winooski
Highest Point Mt. Mansfield
4,393 feet
1,339 meters
Industry electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, printing and publishing, paper products, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, dairy products, hay, apples, maple products
Minerals and Resources granite, dimension stone, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel, asbestos


Capital Salt Lake City
Area 84,899 sq mi
219,889 sq km
(2000 census) 2,233,169
Major Cities
(2000 census) Salt Lake City (181,743),
West Valley City (108,896), Provo (105,166),
Sandy (88,418), Orem (84,324)
Major Rivers Colorado, Green, San Juan
Highest Point Kings Peak
13,528 feet
4,123 meters
Industry machinery, aerospace, mining, food processing, electric equipment, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, dairy products, hay, turkeys
Minerals and Resources petroleum, coal, natural gas, copper, potash, gold


Capital Austin
Area 266,807 sq mii
691,030 sq km
(2000 census) 20,851,820
Major Cities
(2000 census) Houston (1,953,631), Dallas (1,188,580),
San Antonio (1,144,646), Austin (656,562),
El Paso (563,662)
Major Rivers Rio Grande, Brazos, Red, Colorado, Sabine, Pecos, Trinity, Canadian
Highest Point Guadalupe Peak
8,749 feet
2,667 meters
Industry chemicals, petroleum and natural gas, food processing, electrical equipment, machinery, mining, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, cotton, dairy products, greenhouse and nursery products, poultry, sorghum, corn, wheat
Minerals and Resources petroleum, natural gas, portland cement, crushed stone, magnesium, gypsum


Capital Nashville
Area 42,144 sq mi
109,152 sq km
(2000 census) 5,689,283
Major Cities
(2000 census) Memphis (650,100), Nashville (569,891),
Knoxville (173,890), Chattanooga (155,554),
Clarksville (103,455)
Major Rivers Mississippi, Tennessee, Cumberland
Highest Point Clingmans Dome
6,643 feet
2,025 meters
Industry chemicals, transportation equipment, rubber, plastics
Agriculture soybeans, cotton, tobacco, livestock, dairy products, beef cattle, hogs
Minerals and Resources coal, crushed stone, zinc, sand and gravel, cement

South Dakota

Capital Pierre
Area 77,116 sq mi
199,730 sq km
(2000 census) 754,844
Major Cities
(2000 census) Sioux Falls (123,975), Rapid City (59,607),
Aberdeen (24,658), Watertown (20,237),
Brookings (18,504)
Major Rivers Missouri, James, White, Belle Fourche
Highest Point Harney Peak
7,242 feet
2,207 meters
Industry food processing, machinery, lumber and wood products, tourism
Agriculture beef cattle, hogs, corn, hay, wheat, milk, sunflowers
Minerals and Resources gold, portland cement, construction sand and gravel

South Carolina

Capital Columbia
Area 31,113 sq mi
80,582 sq km
(2000 census) 4,012,012
Major Cities
(2000 census) Columbia (116,278), Charleston (96,650),
North Charleston (79,641), Greenville (56,002),
Rock Hill (49,765)
Major Rivers Savannah, Pee Dee, Santee, Congaree, Wateree, Catawba, Saluda
Highest Point Sassafras Mtn.
3,560 feet
1,085 meters
Industry textiles, chemicals, paper products, machinery, tourism
Agriculture tobacco, poultry, beef cattle, dairy products, soybeans, hogs
Minerals and Resources granite, limestone, portland cement, crushed stone

Rhode Island

Capital Providence
Area 1,212 sq mi
3,140 sq km
(2000 census) 1,048,319
Major Cities
(2000 census) Providence (173,618), Warwick (85,808),
Cranston (79,269), Pawtucket (72,958),
East Providence (48,688)
Major Rivers Providence, Blackstone, Pawcatuck
Highest Point Jerimoth Hill
812 feet
247 meters
Industry fishing, jewelry and silverware, fabricated metal products, electrical equipment, machinery, shipbuilding, tourism
Agriculture greenhouse and nursery products, dairy products, eggs
Minerals and Resources construction sand and gravel, crushed stone


Capital Harrisburg
Area 45,308 sq mi
117,348 sq km
(2000 census) 12,281,054
Major Cities
(2000 census) Philadelphia (1,517,550), Pittsburgh (334,563),
Allentown (106,632), Erie (103,717),
Reading (81,207)
Major Rivers Susquehanna, Delaware, Ohio, Allegheny, Monongahela
Highest Point Mt. Davis
3,213 feet
979 meters
Industry food processing, chemicals, machinery, electrical equipment, tourism
Agriculture dairy products, poultry, beef cattle, greenhouse and nursery products, mushrooms, hogs, hay
Minerals and Resources coal, natural gas, limestone, crushed stone, portland cement, construction sand and gravel


Capital Salem
Area 97,073 sq mi
251,419 sq km
(2000 census) 3,421,399
Major Cities
(2000 census) Portland (529,121), Eugene (137,893),
Salem (136,924), Gresham (90,205),
Beaverton (76,129)
Major Rivers Columbia, Snake, Willamette, Deschutes, John Day, Owyhee
Highest Point Mt. Hood
11,239 feet
3,426 meters
Industry lumber and wood products, tourism, food processing, paper products, machinery, scientific instruments
Agriculture beef cattle, vegetables, greenhouse and nursery products, fruits and nuts, dairy products, wheat, hay
Minerals and Resources forests, water, limestone, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel, portland cement


Capital Oklahoma City
Area 69,956 sq mi
181,186 sq km
(2000 census) 3,450,654
Major Cities
(2000 census) Oklahoma City (506,132), Tulsa (393,049),
Norman (95,694), Lawton (92,757),
Broken Arrow (74,859)
Major Rivers Arkansas, Red, Canadian, Cimarron
Highest Point Black Mesa
4,973 feet
1,516 meters
Industry transportation equipment, machinery, electrical equipment, rubber and plastic products, food processing
Agriculture beef cattle, wheat, hay, milk, poultry, cotton
Minerals and Resources natural gas, petroleum, crushed stone, portland cement, sand and gravel, gypsum, iodine

North Dakota

Capital Bismarck
Area 70,703 sq mi
183,121 sq km
(2000 census) 642,200
Major Cities
(2000 census) Fargo (90,599), Bismarck (55,532),
Grand Forks (49,321), Minot (36,567),
Mandan (16,718)
Major Rivers Missouri, Red, Little Missouri, Sheyenne, Souris, James
Highest Point White Butte
3,506 feet
1,069 meters
Industry food processing, machinery, mining, tourism
Agriculture wheat, beef cattle, barley, sunflowers, milk, sugar beets, hay
Minerals and Resources petroleum, coal, construction sand and gravel, lime

North Carolina

Capital Raleigh
Area 52,669 sq mi
136,413 sq km
(2000 census) 8,049,313
Major Cities
(2000 census) Charlotte (540,828), Raleigh (276,093),
Greensboro (223,891), Durham (187,035),
Winston-Salem (185,776)
Major Rivers Roanoke, Cape Fear, Neuse, Pee Dee, Catawba
Highest Point Mt. Mitchell
6,684 feet
2,037 meters
Industry tobacco products, textiles, chemicals, electrical equipment, machinery, food processing, tourism
Agriculture tobacco, poultry and eggs, hogs, milk, cattle, soybeans
Minerals and Resources phosphates, crushed stone, construction sand and gravel, lithium